About HCTV

The Hanover Community Access and Media (CAM) Committee was created by action of the Annual Hanover Town Meeting, May 11, 2009, the motion stating "We move that the Town establish a Community Access and Media Committee which will be responsible to provide Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) Television services to the cable television subscribers of the Town of Hanover with funds appropriated by Town Meeting and that this committee shall be constituted annually as follows: 1 member appointed by the School Committee, 1 member appointed by the School Superintendent, 2 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and 3 members appointed by the Town Moderator, said committee to be appointed as soon as possible and no later than June 30, 2009".

While many communities create non-profit organizations separate from town government to provide PEG services, Hanover chose to have these functions carried out by this new town board. In the past, Comcast maintained a regional studio in Norwell which Hanover shared. In 2009, when Hanover negotiated new contracts with Comcast and Verizon, funds were provided by each company for Hanover to maintain its own studio. Thus, the CAM Committee began from scratch, with no infrastructure or equipment in place. The CAM Committee, as designed, acts as an independent committee serving the Hanover community with the funding from Verizon and Comcast.

Hanover Community Television Rules and Operating Procedures were developed and voted, after studying those in place in other communities. A budget was developed and voted, as well as a capital budget for equipment purchase, and the committee met with the Advisory Committee. Broadcaster Liability Insurance was purchased.

In late December 2009, the part-time Coordinator position was advertised in trade publications, at town hall, and in the School Department. Michael Purdy was selected to be the part time Hanover Community Television Coordinator, and in March, 2010 he accepted the position. Necessary equipment for broadcasting went out to bid in early April 2010. The committee developed job specifications for a full time cable access media specialist and the position was posted in early April 2010. In June 2010, Colleen Smith was hired to fill this position.

Studio facilities are located at Hanover High School. Live broadcast facilities are present at Hanover Town Hall and Hanover High School. Editing stations are available at the John Curtis Library and at the Hanover Senior Center, in addition to Hanover High School. The Station Manager is available to train volunteers in the operation of equipment for broadcasting and editing. Procedures for participating and contact information may be viewed on the forms page. Three channels of programming are available, public, educational, and government on both Comcast and Verizon.

Hanover Community Access Media Committee

  • Tom Kane, Chairman
  • Amy Lipman-White, Secretary
  • Pam Manning 
  • Stephen Ryerson
  • Michael O'Connor
  • Susan Glover
  • Jamie Tedeschi